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Lots of homeowners sit back and quietly tolerate their leaking taps, even though they despise the constant dripping sound. Why don’t they just call a tap plumber? Fixing a leaking tap is easy for us. In fact, if we come to your home, we can get all your taps fixed — so they stay fixed!

We’ll tell you straight off that wrapping string or dental floss around a leaking tap or showerhead — a common practice — is a temporary solution at best. In no time at all, the water will soak this “patch” and keep dripping. Then, what will you do?

Leaking taps are annoying but also relatively harmless if left alone for a while. If your home has hard water, though, consider placing a bowl or bucket under the leaking tap to preserve the surface of whatever receptacle is involved. This will protect it from mineral deposits (limescale).

We’ll explain next how to fix a leaking tap as a do-it-yourself project if you’re so inclined, but first, we should provide some context and explain what causes a dripping tap or showerhead to start leaking in the first place.

If you’d like to have your tap(s) fixed or replaced professionally, be sure to call us!

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How to Fix a Leaking Tap?

  • Leaking or dripping in sink or shower taps results primarily from wear and tear to the internal parts of the tap. To figure out how and what needs to be replaced, and how to replace it, you need to identify the type of tap with which you’re working. Here are the categories of taps:

    • Compression
    • Cartridge (sleeve)
    • Ceramic disk
    • Ball-type.

    Since the parts comprising the body of a tap vary among different types and models, it’s a good idea to check with your hardware or home repair store to be sure you’re buying all the right parts.

Parts of a Sink Tap

There are many models of sink taps. However, most consist of the following components:

  • Tap stems
  • Packing or mounting nuts
  • Escutcheons (decorative covers)
  • Flanges (support rings)
  • O-rings (gaskets)
  • Body washers
  • Stem screws and set screws
  • Aerators and adaptors
  • Handles, levers, and other water controls

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A thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) is a valve that blends hot water with cold water to ensure constant, safe shower and bath outlet temperatures, preventing scalding.

Home Plumbing FAQs

How do I avoid water damage?

Preventative plumbing maintenance is your best bet at avoiding water damage inside your home. Inspect your shower and tubs for cracks and leaks. After a shower or bath, dry the floor immediately so the water doesn’t sit on the floor. Check under sinks and cabinets for leaks and moisture. In the toilet, check the seal at the base for leaks and watch out for a leaky tank after you flush. Any drips from taps should be repaired right away, or they could lead to major water damage. Our licensed plumbers in Turramurra are available 24/7 to help you with any plumbing questions or needed repairs. 

What’s the first thing I should do if my toilet is overflowing?

First, you’ll want to stop the rush of water. Lay some towels on the floor so you don’t accidentally slip. Remove the lid from the top of the toilet tank and reach inside and press down on the flapper valve. This is a rubber piece you’ll find at the bottom centre region of the tank. Once you press down, water should stop flowing into the bowl. Lift up the float so you stop the tank from filling. The water inside the bowl should start dropping. If it does not, shut off the water at the toilet supply valve. To figure out the issue and find a solution quickly, reach out to our team of licensed professional plumbers in Turramurra, who are available to help you 24/7. 

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The Proper DIY Fix for Sink and Most Other Taps

Before you begin working, don’t forget to shut off the water to whichever fixture you’re working on. Otherwise, you’re in for an unexpected face-washing!

Nowadays, it’s easier to purchase a tap assembly as part of a kit than to replace parts individually — except, perhaps if all that’s needed is a washer or two. If you buy a kit, it will come with installation instructions.

Be aware that cartridge-type taps (for sinks, tubs, or showers) nearly always require replacement of the entire cartridge — which is the valve that turns with the handle to control the flow of water into the tap.

If you’re repairing a compression tap, this type is known to wear out sooner than most. The whole assembly can be replaced at very little expense. We’ll point out that “time is money,” as the saying goes.

If you’re a die-hard DIYer, we have bad news for you – the time you spend on installation might not be worth your time or any frustration it might cause. We can certainly help with that.

Bath And Shower Taps

Bath and sink taps are usually not interchangeable, although there are many similarities between the two. Often bathroom hardware is made to coordinate with that for the tub or combined tub and shower. It’s also common to find tub-shower combination taps installed in bathrooms.

A shower tap consists of the showerhead and the valve that controls the temperature and flow of water. Since it’s hard to tell how hot a shower is when you step into it, increasingly sophisticated valves help maintain a steady and predictable temperature.

Showers are notorious for their leaking taps. When this happens, either the showerhead or the valve is at fault. If it’s the head, it probably needs cleaning, especially if you have hard water that leaves mineral deposits. A daylong soak in white vinegar, followed by light scrubbing, should do the trick.

If it’s the valve, though, this is a different issue. For one thing, if the tap is leaking around the showerhead, there’s a good chance the valve itself is leaking inside the wall. This can cause mould and even some long-term damage to the wall.

The Difference a Professional Plumber Can Make

Professional plumbers know what tools to bring for the repair; in fact, they come equipped for a variety of jobs or situations that might arise. So, there’s no need for you to run to Bunnings to buy yet another tool you’ll only use once.


Our plumbers’ work is also under warranty should something go wrong. With a DIY repair or replacement, there’s no warranty (except possibly on the parts), but there’s every chance an amateur could make a mistake. In the end, do-it-yourselfers often end up calling their local plumbers anyway.


Furthermore, expert plumbers like ours often discover additional concerns related to a leaking tap. They can address these adequately while on site instead of needing to come out for a second appointment when you discover the secondary problem, which saves you time and hassle.

Don’t Be A Drip, Call The Professionals!

Leaking taps become quite wasteful and costly over time. A few days of tolerating the dripping sound will make only a small dent in your water bill, but you don’t want to go for too long without having the tap repaired or replaced. And why not? It’s an easy fix for one of our tap plumbers.

Don’t put off fixing your leaking taps because you think it’s an easy DIY project, though.

As we’ve said, amateurs can end up facing all sorts of obstacles, and having the project cost much more than it ever should have.

Again, call us. We have over 35 years of experience with leaking taps of all kinds.


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