Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Thermostatic Mixing Valves on the Upper North Shore and Hornsby Districts

Protecting you from Hot Water Accidents


The Dangers
of Hot Water

Everyone enjoys a nice, hot shower and the ability to turn on the tap and have it at your disposal. However, thousands of people every year are injured by scalding hot water from their sinks, showers and baths. That’s why you need a thermostatic mixing valve. Andrew Vanny Plumbing offers installation, diagnostics, repairs and replacements on these devices to ensure that you stay safe at home.


How the
Valve Works

When you turn on your hot water, a thermostat senses the temperature of the flow within the mixing chamber. If it is too hot, the valve will allow cold water in to mix with the hot and bring down the temperature to make it safe to use. In order to keep this process going, we recommend that you have your mixing valves maintained regularly to assure maximum valve life and proper system function.


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Regulate Your Water Temperature

Live Easy With The Right Blend of Cold and Hot Water Together in Constant Flow

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