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A Clear Drain in Four Easy Steps


Clear the Blockage

Blocked drains and sewers can be cleared by use of an electric eel or a high-pressure water jet. We carry a full range of drain cleaning equipment to get you out of trouble fast.


CCTV Drain Inspection

Find out what caused your blockage by having a CCTV inspection of your drain. We have a wide range of specially developed cameras that provide a full-colour inspection of your drains.


Blockage Prevention

We can set up reminders to clear your drains annually, semi-annually or as needed.


Pipe Replacement

Sometimes, replacing a section of your drainage line may be your only option. We can help.

Drain Cleaning in Hornsby and Surrounding Districts

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Blocked Drain Specialist Hornsby

Blocked drains and sewers can be cleared by use of a high-pressure water jet. We carry a full range of drain cleaning equipment to get you out of trouble fast.

Your drains can get blocked by a lot of different things. Some of the more common and less serious issues include:

  • Hair
  • Grease or fat (both from cooking and from some types of soap)
  • Dirt or mud
  • Food waste

These things are relatively easy to clear and won’t cause your plumbing system too many problems. However, a few drain-blocking culprits can be very serious if not handled by a professional, such as:

  • Small objects
  • Tree roots

Thirsty tree roots may grow and intrude on your pipes, cracking the pipes and blocking the drain in the process. Small objects like toys, feminine napkins or wipes can cause blockages far down your drains as well.

When these things happen and you need a blocked drain specialist plumber, call Andrew Vanny Plumbing for reliable and quick plumbing service.


Here at Andrew Vanny Plumbing, we strive to make the drain-clearing process as easy as possible for our customers. We fix your blocked drain in three easy steps:
  • We clear the blockage using a pressurised water jet.
  • We can use our CCTV equipment to get a full-colour inspection of your pipes and ensure there are no further issues.
  • We can replace any pipes or drainage line that needs it.
Our professionals can also set up blockage prevention visits annually or semi-annually, if you request it. If your pipes burst or leak in your home or underground, we can help with that too. Firstly, turn off your water so that you don’t deal with water damage. Then, wait until our team of professionals arrives to fix the problem. Call us on 0480 009 605 to get the plumbing help you need in Hornsby.

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