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Backflow Prevention on the Upper North Shore and Hornsby Districts

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Prevention Devices

Backflow occurs when water from a property flows backwards into Sydney’s water pipes. This backflow may carry contaminants that can be harmful to people’s health. Backflow prevention devices ensure that the water supply isn’t contaminated from hazards on your property. They stop water in a water pipe from flowing back into the water main.


Thorough Testing
for Your Safety

Only licensed plumbers with a backflow prevention accreditation can inspect, commission and test backflow devices. These licensed professionals are referred to as backflow plumbers, and their accreditation must be issued by a registered training organisation. Once the test has been performed, a backflow plumber must submit the test report using the online lodgement system.


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At Andrew Vanny Plumbing, we are certified backflow plumbers who assure the safety and functionality of your backflow prevention devices to protect your local water supply. If you’re concerned about hazardous backflow, call our plumbers today to schedule a service. We will happily install a backflow prevention valve to stop the problem in its tracks.

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When our tradesmen arrive onsite, you’ll recognise them from their marked van and distinctive uniform. We’re able to serve you in any of the areas indicated here in the Hornsby and Hills District or the Upper North Shore. Call us for fast, reliable and friendly service today.


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