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Pro Tip: What To Do In Case Of An Emergency Plumbing Situation?

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Water is essential for survival. And the plumbing system is just as essential as the water itself because it carries our water from its origin to households and commercial areas. The plumbing system has continuously been enhanced over the years, providing us with clean water that we use every day for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and many other things. Therefore, if there’s a problem in the system, whether small or big, it can severely affect our daily lives. This is why it is important for people to understand how to handle emergency situations in the plumbing system. Below are some helpful steps and reminders in case you encounter an emergency plumbing situation.      

  1. Inspect the plumbing system

The first thing to do in an emergency plumbing situation is to inspect the plumbing system. Whether it is just a minor or major problem, it is best to look into the system to see if there are other damages aside from what you have noticed first. Inspecting the plumbing system can also show you the root of the problem that you may have missed. In most cases, problems in the plumbing system such as burst pipes, leaking taps, or blocked drains start small and unnoticeable until it hinders the day-to-day routine of people living in the house or working in the area. 

  1. Call your local plumber

The second step that you should take in a plumbing emergency is to immediately call your local plumber and narrate the problem to them as clearly as possible. This will give the plumber an idea of how mild or severe the problem is, as well as be able to provide you with temporary solutions while they are on their way to you. A thorough description of the problem will also enable the plumber to know which equipment and tools to bring to be able to fix the problem efficiently.    

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  1. Shut off the system (If needed!)

Temporarily shutting down the plumbing system while waiting for the plumber to arrive is essential in order to not waste water, and money. Water is a very important, and limited resource within Australia, due to the general climate across the country. Another reason to temporarily shut it off completely is due to running water may cause more pressing problems to the system. 

  1. Apply recommended solutions

If your plumber recommends a temporary solution to the problem, you should follow their instructions. This will help minimise the problem and temporarily provide relief within the property, as well as the whole plumbing system, which is interconnected to one another. As an example, if the problem was a sudden burst pipe, shutting off the water supply would be the best temporary solution until plumbers arrive to permanently fix it. By cutting the supply of water, flooding will be avoided as well as wastage of clean water. 

In case you are in need of a plumber who can respond in an emergency situation, Andrew Vanny Plumbing offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services in different parts of New South Wales such as the Hornsby District, Thornleigh, Killara, and Upper North Shore area. Call us at 0480 009 605 and we will provide you with assistance in your plumbing situation right away, any time of the day.


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