Prepare Your Plumbing System for Autumn Season

Andrew Vanny

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Plumbing systems aren’t usually what comes to mind when we think about changing seasons. But with dropping temperatures and more debris getting blown around, it’s essential to look after your plumbing and heating systems. With most of us spending more time inside during this season, the last thing you need is to have preventable issues get in the way of you going about your day. To guide you, we’ve listed several tips to help you prepare your plumbing system.

  1. Inspect the drainage and sewer systems

    Inspecting your drainpipes and sewer systems, including your roof and roadside gutters, should be your first course of action. During your inspections, things to keep an eye out for are piles of leaves, dirt, branches, and general rubbish, as these tend to build up and block drain grids. Ensure you clear your drainage and gutters regularly to avoid permanently lodged materials, as removing the blockage will require a licensed plumber. 

  1. Check the hot water system

    Running into issues is not uncommon as we run more hot baths and showers to combat the colder weather. If the water temperature doesn’t feel quite right, water pressure feels a bit low, or if the water takes a little too long to turn on or heat up, call a licensed plumber to take a quick look. Often they will check the temperature valves and set them to the right temperature, inspect for any damage to your pipes like leaks or rusting, and check for any blockages causing low water pressure.

  1. Inspect exposed plumbing parts

    With exposed plumbing amenities prone to damage, it’s prudent to check them often for any present damage. Some things to look for include loose screws or bolts, so the structure moves when touched. If it’s leaking, or if materials are rusting or breaking away. While these may not seem like serious plumbing issues, the exposed sections can quickly worsen as they come into contact with changing weather conditions, temperatures and water, leading to cracks or rusting in the plumbing. A preventive solution is to have a licensed plumber insulate the exposed plumbing at the start of the season to avoid any minor damage from escalating.

  1. Store the outdoor water hose properly

    Like exposed plumbing, outdoor water hoses are subject to environmental damage. By leaving your hose connected to the water supply line, you inevitably allow exposure to the elements which can cause your hose to perforate or crack. To prevent this type of damage, simply disconnect the hose when not in use and store it inside the house or garage.

  1. Call a licensed plumber for maintenance

    Schedule a maintenance service with your trusted local plumber to rest assured that your plumbing system will perform efficiently this season. By calling a maintenance plumber, not only will you have your plumbing system inspected, but most issues found can be repaired on the spot. Our plumbers at Andrew Vanny Plumbing always provide you with various options and their pros and cons to guarantee we leave you feeling confident that your plumbing is operating optimally.

So if you’re concerned about your plumbing, call us at Andrew Vanny Plumbing! We are the leading licensed plumbing company in Hornsby, Killara, Thornleigh, Wahroonga, Cheltenham, Castle Hill and their surrounding areas. Not only do we offer installation, repair, and maintenance services, but we also provide emergency plumbing services as we understand that things don’t always go to plan.

To contact us, call us at 0480 009 605 or you can also email us at We are looking forward to servicing your plumbing systems for this Autumn season!  



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