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Prepare Your Plumbing for Spring

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It’s time we say hello to spring once again!

For a lot of us, spring is the perfect season. Why? It’s because the days are not as hot as summer, and the nights are not as cold as winter. As the name suggests, it is also a time when plants and flowers spring into action, growing faster and bigger, and putting on a beautiful display.

Now, a change of season obviously comes with differences in temperature and weather. Is your plumbing system ready for this? Here are some tips that will help in preparing your plumbing system for spring.

  1. Check your roof and gutters

After the strong winds and heavy rains that we experience during autumn and winter, there may be a build-up of dirt and debris on your roof which will have been washed into the gutters and downpipes of your home. With the shift to warmer weather it’s a great opportunity to check the ‘crown’ of your home’s plumbing system; the roof. Start by checking if your gutters and downpipes are clear of blockages that may cause major issues and possible damage to your home. Make sure when getting onto your roof you take all the necessary safety precautions.

  1. Check your pipes

If the plants and flowers are getting bigger above ground, their root systems are definitely getting bigger underground. This poses a threat to your drainage as the roots search for water. A drain camera inspection of your drainage will determine if you have a problem and what remedy is necessary before you have major issues.

  1. Look out for puddles in your garden or lawn

This is a sure sign you have a burst pipe somewhere in your plumbing system. Invasive tree roots can cause burst pipes (if not from the end of a shovel), so keep an eye out for sodden garden beds and lawns, and call a professional to help locate the burst pipe.

  1. Check the condition of the fixtures and fittings

There are several factors that can affect the condition of the plumbing system during the winter season. One is changes in temperature, and another is water damage from heavy rains. During the winter months, the plumbing system’s fixtures and fittings, especially the exposed pipes and valves may deteriorate. There might be small holes or hairline cracks in the pipes that may cause leaks or worse, a burst pipe. So as the weather is starting to improve, check the fixtures and fittings for any damage so they can be fixed before they turn into a bigger issue.

  1. Call in a professional plumber

To reassure you that everything is in good working condition coming into the springtime, it is always a good idea to call in a professional plumber in Hornsby, Berowra, Asquith, and nearby surrounds for a maintenance inspection.

Here at Andrew Vanny Plumbing, we have been providing plumbing services to residential and commercial properties in the suburban areas of Hornsby, Thornleigh, Berowra, Pymble, Cherrybrook, and Wahroonga for several decades now. We have formed a team of experienced and professional plumbers who are at your service 24/7 to check on your plumbing and gas.

Here are just some of our service areas: 


-Macquarie Park


-Mt Colah


-Mt Ku-ring-gai 

-Berowra Heights



-St Ives 

-Castle Hill



-Pennant Hills










-West Pennant Hills


To schedule a plumbing inspection and maintenance for this spring season, call Andrew Vanny Plumbing at 0480 009 605 or email us at  In compliance with the NSW COVID-19 restrictions, we can go ahead with emergency plumbing works to ensure your comfort and safety during these trying times. 


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