Prepare Plumbing System for Summer

Andrew Vanny

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Summertime is here! Is your plumbing system ready to keep up with the demands that Summer brings? 

Your plumbing system is an essential part of your home, especially during Summer where you’ll want to stay hydrated, clean and comfortable. As we spend more time outdoors and at the beach, we want to come home, clean up and relax, without the hassle of plumbing problems.

To prepare your plumbing system, so you can have an uninterrupted Summer, we’ve listed some handy tips.

1.    Clean the gutters and drainpipes

During Spring, the plants have bloomed and during that process, the old leaves and petals have fallen. If you have plants, especially big trees surrounding your property, it is best to check on your roof gutters and drainpipes. Fallen leaves, flowers and branches from flora is the number one cause of blocked drain pipes. Keeping your drain pipes in the ground, downpipes and gutters clear is an easy way to prepare for Summer. 

2.    Check your outdoor plumbing

Summer is prime time for outdoor activities. You’ll likely want to use sprinklers, outdoor taps and perhaps a pool. Taking time to check the outdoor plumbing system is working well with no issues is important to avoid escalating damage as well as ensuring your lawn remains hydrated and perfect for use. 

3.    Detect leaks inside the property

During the Summer season, it is common for water bills to increase due to the surge in consumption of water. If you have water leaks then your water bills may increase even more. Save money by detecting leaks early on. It won’t just be your water bill that is spared, as a water leak can lead to other property damage which can cost more money down the line.  

4.    Check rainwater tanks

Water conservation is important all-year-round, but especially during Summer. If you have a rainwater tank, then that is a great addition to your home. It can help you save water, money and the environment. Have your water tanks checked early on, so that they are performing optimally and collect water well before the drier season, ensuring leaks, damage and quality are dealt with properly. 

5.    Have the whole system serviced

The best way to prepare your plumbing system for Summer is to have it serviced by a licensed team of plumbers. Licensed plumbers can efficiently detect and diagnose a plumbing issue and provide you with options on how to resolve the problem. Having plumbing systems checked yearly is important anyway, so checking prior to the more demanding Summer is a good time.  

To ensure that the supply of water will not get interrupted or you will not encounter any problems during the fun days of summer, contact us at Andrew Vanny Plumbing to do a complete plumbing maintenance check on your system. Our plumbers are fully licensed and we are locally trusted by the people of Hornsby, Wahroonga, Sydney, and their neighbouring suburbs. Give us a call now at 0480 009 605 and let’s schedule your next plumbing maintenance check.


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