Prepare Gas Connection for BBQ Season

Andrew Vanny

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Summer is BBQ season! 
Aside from fun outdoor activities and sports events, summer is also the perfect season to fire up the Barbie and create wonderful feeds to enjoy with friends and family. With Australia Day is just around the corner, we are sure that you are already preparing to celebrate this holiday. To ensure the safety of your celebration and the rest of your summer outdoor cooking, we have some tips on preparing your gas connection for this season

Check for gas leaks

A leak is a common issue for a gas line or gas connection. It means gas is seeping out from a damaged or faulty part of the line. This issue should not be ignored because it can lead to more dangerous issues. It is a good thing there are physical manifestations that can help you in detecting gas leaks. You can often smell gas leaks or perhaps hear them. If you notice any gas connection issues it is crucial to get it checked out by a licensed professional.

To know more about gas leaks, read more about it here. 

Check gasfitting’s condition

As mentioned above, gas leaks may come from defective fittings and gas line parts, that’s why it is so important to check their condition regularly. Aging and weathering can affect gas fittings and parts and if not checked regularly, they can become dangerous over time. The metallic parts may corrode and exposed pipes or hoses may become brittle or perish making them prone to gas leaks and other gas line problems. If the condition is already bad, then excessive use over the Summer can accelerate the degradation.

Check the condition of outdoor appliances

Outdoor features and appliances that rely on gas supply to run such as BBQs, stoves and heaters are also prone to damage. Ensuring all the appliances that rely on gas are working in tip-top condition is an easy and essential way to improve our outdoor experiences. For everyone’s safety, it is important not to place items near heaters or other appliances as they may block airflow or heat up and potentially catch alight.

Call a licensed gas fitter for maintenance

Lastly, to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone over the summer holiday season, have a licensed gas fitter or plumber check and maintain your gas systems properly. They have all the equipment and set of skills for doing the job right.

 It is a legal requirement to only have licensed professionals working on gas equipment so do not attempt to make repairs or diagnoses yourself. Emergency problems or issues will be minimised and you will be able to live worry free and enjoy the fun summer activities with no problem.

If you are looking for a licensed team of gas fitters and plumbers, call us now at 0480 009 605 and schedule your gas connection maintenance services with us. We will ensure that you will have a stress-free Summer by taking good care of your gas connections. 

We are providing plumbing services to the areas of Hornsby, Thornleigh, Wahroonga, and their neighbouring suburbs in New South Wales. We have a wide range of plumbing services from installation to problem detection, repairs, and maintenance. To learn more, click here. 


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