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Plumbing Tips For Child-Care Centres

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Are you living with a toddler or running a child care centre

Children are very cute but they can be a handful at times. They will do everything and anything to get away from the person who is looking out for them to go and do whatever they want. This is why it is important to make a house or a child care centre child-friendly by making it safe, which should always include the plumbing fittings in the kitchen and bathroom areas. 

To make it easy, here are some plumbing tips to ensure the safety of children.

Get plumbing problems fixed

Having a toddler who is just starting to walk or run is one of the most heart-racing stages of being a parent or guardian because it is a very exciting milestone but it is also the stage where toddlers are very prone to accidents. That is why it is important to have a plumbing issue such as leakage and clogged drains be fixed as soon as possible. It is because leakage can cause an accident by causing a puddle of water on the ground. And clogged drains can also cause water leakage anywhere in the house or the centre. It’s because the water that is stagnant will find a way to seep through a surface resulting in water build up in some areas of the house or centre that can pose a risk for slipping.

Make the flooring non-slippery

As they say, children are the best escape artists. They can run off and easily escape the careful watch of parents at home or teachers in the centre.  That is why it is important to make the house or child care centre as safe as possible and that includes the flooring. In the areas where there is direct plumbing involved such as the kitchen and the bathroom, it is important to make the tiles non-slippery by changing it to a textured tile or by simply adding rugs or rubber matting. It is also important to maintain a dry floor so as to not cause any accidents. 

Regulate the temperature

Children’s skin is very sensitive to temperature so it is best to have something that can regulate the temperature of the water coming out of the taps, showerheads, and other water outlets. A thermostatic Mixing Valve or TMV can help with that. Installing it together with the plumbing system can help regulate and reach the desired temperature of the water for kids. 

Aside from water temperature, the temperature of the room like the bathroom should also be monitored because it determines if the room will be wet due to moisture or dry. Proper ventilation is the key to make sure that the room stays at a perfect temperature, 

Cover and Lock

As established, children are accident-prone creatures so to keep them safe, it is best to cover and lock anything they can open or cause danger to them. First to cover are the electrical outlets because it is common knowledge that water and electricity don’t go together. It can cause electrocution and fire. Second, to secure are the doors, be it the main door of a bathroom or the doors of the cabinets, lock them especially if there are chemicals that may poison a kid. The third is to lock and cover toilet seats. Kids love to play and one of the things they usually think of as a toy is the toilet seat and most often than not, they end up getting stuck in it when “playing”. 

Follow and apply these tips to make the house or the centre child-friendly. Need help with the renovation of the bathroom and reinstallation of the plumbing system? Let a plumber from Killara or the surrounding area help and assist with it! Andrew Vanny Plumbing has been in the industry for several decades now and servicing the areas of Upper North Shore and Hornsby District. To get in touch, call us at 0412 268 104 or 02 9477 3663. 


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