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Pipe Repair Plumber Hornsby

Since 1987, we have provided top-notch plumbing services in the North Shore area. Our team of plumbers in Hornsby know the community well and always goes above and beyond for our valued customers. Call us today to sort out your pipe repair issues.


Andrew Vanny, Trusted And Local

If you require a reliable pipe plumber in Hornsby, NSW, look no further than Andrew Vanny Plumbing. Our team is known for handling everything from clogged drains to burst pipes, and we’re available to assist you around the clock.

As the local Hornsby plumbing specialists, we provide top-notch plumbing services for residential and business premises. To schedule an appointment, call us at 0480 009 605 today.

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The Importance of Pipe Repair

Your home is probably your biggest asset. Buying a home costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and mortgages take decades to pay off. So whether it’s a slick city unit or a detached new build off the beaten track, you must protect your investment. Maintaining your home will help to increase its value, whereas neglect will devalue it and make it difficult to sell.

If a burst or cracked pipe is left unattended, it can lead to flooding and damage the building’s foundations. Failure to address the problem may result in damage to flooring, furniture, drywall, plaster, or other possessions. In addition to flooding, a cracked or burst pipe can lead to mould growth, which can be a significant health concern.

By maintaining your plumbing and pipes, you can save yourself costly repairs and protect your investment. More than that, you will be safeguarding the health of your family.

The Benefits Of Maintenance

You can perform regular checks around the home by looking for drips around joints in pipes, taps, and sanitary fittings. Check the water pressure. You may have a leak if the water pressure is suddenly lower or the tank needs a fill up. The longer you leave a damaged pipe, the worse it will get. You may think, “Well, it’s just a few drops. How can that hurt” But you may be surprised how quickly it adds up on your water bill.

Did you know that a tap dripping water at one drip per second will waste around 17 gallons of water daily? Calculating that over a month would be about 510 gallons. The cost over a year will be significant. Also, a leak can put pressure on other parts of the system, necessitating expensive repairs down the line.

Why Hire A Licensed Hornsby Pipe Repair Plumber?

What if the leak is in a pipe under the building or behind walls? You may only be aware of it once it has caused extensive damage. What can you do to avoid hidden leaks? Call in the professionals.

Every Andrew Vanny expert is fully qualified and licensed to find and fix everything in your Hornsby property, from a leaky tap to broken hidden pipage. We use state-of-the-art equipment to detect bursts and leaks, even if they are hidden underground or behind a wall.

Where the issue is a small leak that can be easily seen, a keen DIYer may feel it’s cheaper to fix the leak themselves. But beware, small leaks lead to larger leaks, and what seems like a small and obvious job may conceal a much bigger problem further along the system.

You could be making the problem much worse by tampering. It’s with very good reason that the NSW government insists that only qualified and licensed plumbers should repair or replace plumbing systems.

Premium Hornsby Pipe Repair Services

Our team specialises in plumbing and offers a fast and efficient service to repair, maintain, or install plumbing pipes for our valued clients in Hornsby.

Andrew Vanny The First Choice For Hornsby Pipe Repairs

Every day, our delighted customers choose us for plumbing and pipe repairs in Hornsby. It’s what makes us the plumber Hornsby trusts. Get peace of mind from a job well done by trusted and professional plumbers. Our team of licensed plumbers are equipped with the latest technology and are trained, qualified and licensed.

Our professionalism and expertise distinguish us from other plumbing companies. We are polite, prompt, and always reliable. The Andrew Vanny fixed price system and our labour guarantee make us the first choice for residential and commercial property owners in Hornsby.

If you have problems with your piping system or have any other plumbing issues, call us, and we will be with you promptly.

blocked Drain
Whether it’s a one-off blockage removal, a clean-up job or a regular maintenance visit, we do our best to cause the least disruption to you and your family

CCTV drain surveys work by feeding a specially designed camera down the drain in order to carry out the inspection.

We provide a great opportunity to spruce up a bathroom that already functions or completely renovate one that needs an overhaul

We supply, install, service and repair hot water systems. Including electric, gas and solar hot water systems and heat pumps.


Our highly experienced licensed plumbers are equipped with the newest technology in order to diagnose, repair and replace any plumbing problem.

Full range of gas services including connections, disconnections & meter services for domestic & business properties


Backflow preventers prevent contamination of potable water by keeping water from flowing backwards into a water supply line


A thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) is a valve that blends hot water with cold water to ensure constant, safe shower and bath outlet temperatures, preventing scalding.

Pipe Repair FAQs

Can a blockage cause a pipe to crack?

If you don’t take care of a blockage, it can create more pressure in your pipes and eventually result in a crack or burst. Neglected clogs can cause serious harm to your plumbing system and be quite costly to fix.

We don’t recommend attempting to unclog the blockage yourself, as this can cause further problems. Pushing metal objects down the pipe to try and free the block may damage the pipe and send the problem further down the line into an area that might be more difficult to reach. We don’t recommend chemicals either due to their corrosive effect on the pipe.

Andrew Vanny Plumbing is available 24/7 for all your plumbing emergencies. So there’s no need to fret. If you have a clogged-up pipe, call Andrew Vanny, and we will be able to free it for you much quicker and with less damage to your plumbing system.

I have a burst pipe. What should I do?

The first thing to do if a burst pipe occurs is to locate the shut-off valve and stop the water. Most people don’t imagine they will have a burst pipe. After all, it’s not something you plan for. It isn’t until a burst occurs that the location of the shut-off valve becomes an issue.

It’s a good idea to determine the whereabouts of the shut-off valve as soon as possible. Next, look for a reputable local plumber and put their telephone number close to the shut-off valve. That way, you have it to hand in the event of an emergency. When you have called the plumber, try to clear the area and remove as much water as possible to avoid slipping.

Andrew Vanny plumbers are local, reliable, and the go-to plumbers for Hornsby pipe repairs. Our team of licensed and qualified experts are available to attend to your burst pipe 24/7

We Service the Upper North Shore, Hornsby & Northern Districts of Sydney

Their marked van and unique uniform can quickly identify our tradespeople once they reach your location. We cover Hornsby, Hills District and the Upper North Shore. We are ready to assist you promptly with trustworthy and courteous service. Contact us now for swift and dependable service.

Signs You May Need Pipe Repair Or Replacement

Have you noticed any of the following? If so, you may need to repair or replace one or more pipes in your plumbing system.
One sign of a leak is an inexplicable bad smell or discoloured water. It could be sewage seeping into the mains water from damaged pipes. Any issue pertaining to sewage requires urgent attention as a matter of health and safety.

Maybe your water meter is whizzing around when there is nothing on. A clear sign there is a leak. The faster it’s running, the worse the leak is. Or you may have noticed discoloured or damp patches on walls. If mould is present, this can be a severe health risk too.

Is your water pressure low? Low water pressure indicates the water is going somewhere external to the system. If it’s exiting the system, you have a leak. You may notice corrosion on visible pipes. If so, be swift to take action. There is a leak or burst on the way.
If you have several drains running slowly, this is another indication you have damaged or broken pipes.

Have you noticed your water bills have suddenly become higher? If you have damaged pipes, the water will be free-flowing; if it’s under the house or behind a wall, you may not even know it’s happening. It’s time to call a licensed and reliable plumber.

Choosing A Licensed And Reliable Plumber In Hornsby

The plumbing system in your home comprises an extensive network of pipes, drains, and valves that deliver clean and safe water for you and your family to use. Only licensed plumbing professionals can perform modifications, repairs, or installations.
Our team of licensed plumbers has been serving homeowners in Hornsby for 35 years, resolving various plumbing issues. We prioritise safety in our work, utilising cutting-edge tools and providing guaranteed repairs.

Our licensed plumbers offer prompt and courteous service, ensuring a thorough clean-up after each job. Avoid hiring a non-licensed plumber who could put your home at risk by working unsafely and irresponsibly. If you need pipe repair services in Hornsby, trust our licensed plumbers to provide exceptional workmanship and reliable solutions.

Andrew Vanny: First Choice For Pipe Repair Plumber Hornsby

Andrew Vanny Plumbing is a family-owned and operated company offering the full range of plumbing services in Hornsby and throughout Sydney. Andrew Vanny has been serving the local community for more than 35 years. Our friendly team of qualified and licensed plumbers are ready to help with pipe repair, replacement, and any other plumbing issues.

You only trust a licensed and experienced mechanic when it comes to your car. So why take chances with an amateur plumber? Choose Andrew Vanny Plumbing for dependable and seasoned plumbers in Hornsby. Our excellent workmanship, reliability, transparent pricing and 100% guarantee make us the top choice for pipe repair plumbers in Hornsby.

We also offer maintenance plans to suit your needs. Why wait until a pipe bursts or something breaks down? With a scheduled maintenance plan, we often see an issue before it becomes problematic. We cater to the Hornsby area as well as the entire Sydney region. We guarantee a hassle-free service and prompt response to your plumbing needs, be it an emergency or just seeking advice. Our services cover pipe repair, replacement or complete installation. For all things plumbing, call Andrew Vanny.


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