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Pipe Relining Explained

Traditionally, replacing faulty pipes has been a labour-intensive and disruptive process, involving the excavation of trenches. Manually intensive, messy and expensive. It involved intense work, over days and was extremely time-consuming.

We’ve embraced the most advanced plumbing technologies at Andrew Vanny Plumbing to revolutionise this process. Our experienced plumbing technicians employ state-of-the-art drain relining equipment, offering a “no-dig” solution for pipe replacement. This innovative approach involves using a specifically designed ‘bladder’ placed within a super-durable epoxy resin material layer. 

This flexible structure is then coated and inserted into the pipe. Once in place, the new piping is treated, rigorously tested, and securely fixed, providing a permanent and minimally invasive solution for pipe replacement. This modern approach saves clients from the disruption, labour, and damage associated with traditional methods, preserving the integrity of landscapes and infrastructure. 

Even the NSW local authority utilises the technology of pipe relining. It is considered a safe, effective and durable option. The newly relined pipe has a useful life of perhaps fifty years or even more. Dependent upon placement, location, usage and wear and tear. Andrew Vanny offers a guarantee on all of our workmanship.

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Pipe Relining North Shore - Advantages

Assessing the suitability of trenchless technologies for your faulty pipework is the first crucial step when considering pipe relining. Andrew Vanny Plumbing recommends consulting with our skilled technicians to determine if your situation qualifies for no-dig solutions.

While trenchless methods offer numerous benefits, they may not be feasible for severely damaged or irreparable pipes, such as collapsed terracotta pipework.For suitable pipes, there are several compelling advantages to pipe relining North Shore properties.

As a result, relining pipes, rather than replacing them, avoids labour-intensive and unsanitary processes, such as digging up and restoring lawns, paved areas, or concrete driveways. No lengthy and costly restoration work is required to restore these areas cosmetically.

Furthermore, pipe relining minimises health and safety concerns since it doesn’t disturb dirty or contaminated pipework, its contents, or surrounding soil. It’s a time-efficient method that requires less labour, reducing the project’s duration. Notably, it’s estimated to cost as little as half of what traditional pipe replacement would entail, making it cost-effective.

Additionally, trenchless technology is environmentally friendly, and once in place, it provides dependable performance for decades to come. Embracing these innovative methods ensures efficient and long-lasting solutions, preserves the environment, and minimises disruption to your property.

How To Know Pipes May Need Relining

Detecting signs that may necessitate pipe relining is crucial to the upkeep of a smoothly functioning plumbing system. Firstly, there’s the frustration of slow drainage, with water backing up or taking an inordinate amount of time to vacate sinks, baths, or showers. In dire circumstances, sludge may ominously emerge through drain openings or plugholes. Noises such as the unsettling gurgling or belching sounds emanating from the plumbing system. Frequent blockages are another red flag.

The visual inspection of pipes can reveal corrosive rust and corrosion, hinting at deterioration. Lower water pressure and diminished water quality manifest as sluggish taps and discoloured water, exacerbating the worry. Uncertainty about the state of the original plumbing or its age can also be disconcerting. Unpleasant odours wafting from drains or pipes signal potential issues. Finally, factors outside, like recent construction work or intrusive tree roots, can impact subterranean pipes.

The sight of waterlogged or sodden areas in your yard is a tangible clue of compromised piping. To mitigate these concerns and prevent extensive damage, it’s simple. Contact Andrew Vanny Plumbing and consult with our experts. Swift action and early detection are paramount in safeguarding your plumbing system’s continued functionality and reliability.

Other Options For Pipe Relining

In plumbing projects, particularly for larger commercial endeavours, there are innovative methods available for pipe replacement that can bypass the need for traditional excavation. Two such methods are pipe ramming and pipe bursting, which involve the controlled displacement or fragmentation of the old pipe while simultaneously pulling a new one into place.

Various trenchless technologies are employed in smaller-scale applications, each tailored to specific needs. Slip lining, fold & form, spiral wound, CIPP, PIP and spray lining are all options. The choice among these methods depends on several factors, including the available budget, the condition of the existing pipe, the type of material it carries (sewerage or potable water), its location, and whether it serves a structural function. Whatever kind of alternative suits you best, simply contact us and talk to one of our experts. We will match you to the best option available for you.

In some scenarios, particularly when pipes are entirely broken, worn, or constructed from certain materials, the traditional trench-digging method may still be necessary. While this approach is more time-consuming and labour-intensive, Andrew Vanny Plumbing’s seasoned professionals are well-equipped to execute these replacements efficiently and considerately, ensuring minimal disruption and reliable results.

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Why Choose Andrew Vanny For Your Pipe Relining?

Andrew Vanny proudly offers comprehensive gas plumbing solutions throughout the North Shore. Our dedicated team is equipped to address a wide array of pipe relining needs. Our team are experts at installing new piping or replacing old, worn out pipes. With more than three decades of experience, we bring all of our knowledge and expertise to every project.

Our commitment to excellence extends to being licensed and insured and guaranteeing the quality of every job we undertake. We understand that budgets vary, so we provide options tailored to your financial constraints. Regarding parts and components, we exclusively use official Australian Quality Standard materials, ensuring the safety and reliable performance of the equipment we install.

We stand by your side around the clock, 365 days a year, including public holidays. Our unwavering dedication to providing top-notch plumbing services has made us the number one choice for pipe relining North Shore. Choose Andrew Vanny Plumbing Services for quality and peace of mind for all your plumbing requirements.

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Whether it’s a one-off blockage removal, a clean-up job or a regular maintenance visit, we do our best to cause the least disruption to you and your family

CCTV drain surveys work by feeding a specially designed camera down the drain in order to carry out the inspection.

We provide a great opportunity to spruce up a bathroom that already functions or completely renovate one that needs an overhaul

We supply, install, service and repair hot water systems. Including electric, gas and solar hot water systems and heat pumps.


Our highly experienced licensed plumbers are equipped with the newest technology in order to diagnose, repair and replace any plumbing problem.

Full range of gas services including connections, disconnections & meter services for domestic & business properties


Backflow preventers prevent contamination of potable water by keeping water from flowing backwards into a water supply line


A thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) is a valve that blends hot water with cold water to ensure constant, safe shower and bath outlet temperatures, preventing scalding.

Why Would I Need Pipework Surveillance?

With decades of experience in the plumbing industry, Andrew Vanny Plumbing has observed a strong connection between performance, reliability, and regular maintenance. We emphasise to our customers the importance of conducting periodic inspections of their home plumbing systems. These inspections involve a thorough walk-through to check for potential issues like leaks, cracks, loose fixtures, and unusual odours. Don’t neglect your outdoor plumbing.

Outdoor plumbing deserves attention, too. Signs of concern might include waterlogged areas, sinking paving slabs, cracked concrete, or soil erosion, all of which can indicate underlying pipe problems. Unpleasant odours in specific areas of the house or garden indicate potential pipe issues.

Addressing these plumbing concerns early can prevent them from escalating into more extensive, costly, and time-consuming problems. As the old saying goes, “a stitch in time can save nine.” Andrew Vanny Plumbing recommends regular pipe inspections using CCTV technology annually or bi-annually to assist our customers in maintaining their plumbing systems.

This proactive approach allows us to promptly detect and address pipe-related issues, providing suitable solutions that align with your budget. We believe that proactive maintenance is the cornerstone of a reliable and efficient plumbing system, ensuring your peace of mind and long-term satisfaction.

We Service everywhere from Hunters Hill to Hornsby and beyond.

Allow our team of highly qualified plumbers to assess your pipes. We wear an easily recognised Andrew Vanny uniform and carry all the necessary equipment in our van to thoroughly inspect your pipes. We are a regular site in our vans in and around the North Shore, Roseville and The Hills areas. Call us for a rapid response to whatever gas, plumbing or pipe relining issue you encounter. Great service, clear pricing, with a smile.

Why Select Andrew Vanny For Pipe Relining North Shore?

The trust that Andrew Vanny Plumbing enjoys from its customers is built on a solid foundation of reliability, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to quality plumbing services. We are there for our customers 24/7, including holidays, ready to respond to scheduled work and urgent emergencies.

Our fully qualified and extensively trained plumbers are equipped with cutting-edge technology. Which ensures that each job is completed efficiently and effectively, leaving no room for errors. We back our work with written quotes, comprehensive insurance coverage, transparent billing practices, and guaranteed satisfaction, reflecting our confidence in our service’s quality.

At Andrew Vanny Plumbing, punctuality, reliability, and professionalism are not just promises but core values that guide our interactions with customers. We respect your property and your time, no matter the scale of the plumbing task. Our commitment to safety extends to using only authentic, safety-tested Australian parts.

Based in the North Shore, our services extend to Sydney and its suburbs, encompassing a wide range of plumbing needs. From unclogging sinks to drain inspections using state-of-the-art CCTV cameras. Fitting gas connections, hot water system installations, bathroom renovations, and more. Andrew Vanny Plumbing, your trusted partner for any plumbing requirements. Andrew Vanny for your peace of mind.


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