Leak Detection and Repair in Hornsby

Andrew Vanny

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In plumbing, a leak is any hole, crack, or loose part of a plumbing fixture that causes water and gas to be released unintentionally. A water or gas leak are common plumbing issues and ignoring them can be dangerous. It is important to know how to detect a water or gas leak so you can call a professional in time. 

Here are common signs of water and gas leaks, to prevent major damage to your home or business.


One of the most basic ways to detect a water leak is to look for puddles under the sink and toilet areas or on the lawn outside of the house. A puddle would usually indicate water is gathering in a place it shouldn’t. It is important to consider if the puddle is actually from displaced shower water or rainy weather, so if you notice puddles on dry days, be extra concerned.

Structural Damage

Damage to the house’s property is another common sign of a water leak. It is usual for pipes to run inside walls; however, the structure can be compromised when a leak occurs.

Some of the the noticeable damages are:

·        Discoloration, cracking or bubbling of house paint

·        Discoloration, softening or cracks on the walls or ceiling

·        Warped or squidgy floorboards

Hissing or Dripping Sounds

For both water and gas leaks you should keep an ear out for hissing or dripping sounds (may sound like tapping). Water and gas running through or coming out of pipes. It can be difficult to detect but if you do notice consistent hissing or dripping sounds, then inspect immediately. 

Foul Smells

Water leaks from a supply of clean water may not produce a foul smell initially, but a leak from sewer, drain or gas lines can often be detected quickly. If you start to notice foul smells in your home and are unable to determine their location, then it could be a sign of a water leak.

Smelling gas is an obvious sign of a gas leak and should be tended to right away.

Call a professional to verify the leak

Once you notice the signs of water, gas, sewer and/or storm water leaks, it is best to call a licensed plumber with the appropriate licenses, such as a gas license, to check the home. Leaks can quickly turn into major problems if ignored. The safest option is to get it checked out and solved properly. 

How do professionals repair a leak?

The traditional approach to detecting water leaks is by looking at the meter to see if it is moving even if the whole system is turned off, following the line to see where the leak is and fixing the problem. 

Modern plumbers have various methods of leak detection and repair. A skilled plumber will be able to determine the best solution for your individual needs.

In the case of gas leaks, the traditional approach is using the soap method in which a soap mixture is sprayed to the area where they think a leak is present. When bubbles form, it confirms the leak. The modern approach uses advanced gas leak detectors that sense the presence of gas in the environment. Again a fully gas licensed plumber can best determine a repair solution. 

If you are looking for a licensed plumber to detect leaks in your house, call Andrew Vanny Plumbing now on 0480 009 605 and book an appointment with us! We are a plumbing company servicing Sydney’s Upper North Shore area, such as Asquith, Berowra, Hornsby, Killara, and Thornleigh. We perform different plumbing services, from installing the plumbing systems, gas lines, and hot water systems to repairing and maintaining them. 


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