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Inline Water Filter Systems Under Your Sink: What to Know

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If you don’t like the taste of tap water or want to get rid of harmful chemicals or bacteria, then you may have decided to start filtering your water. You can do this in various ways.
For example, on a basic level, you can use a filter jug. However, if you want an easier and automatic solution, it makes sense to install a filtration system on the water supply itself.
While some people opt to install a standalone tap on a bench by the sink, you can also fit an inline system under it. How do these systems work and why should you choose this option?

How do inline water filters work?

Inline water filters typically use a cartridge system. The cartridge contains the filter that cleans up water as it passes through to a tap.
These systems are set up in your existing water supply pipes. They usually work on one tap. Once the system is in place, that tap only produces filtered water because all of its water runs though the cartridge.
So, if you install an inline system on the cold water tap in your kitchen sink, then the filter fixes into the run of the supply pipe in the cupboard underneath. Regular water runs through the pipe when you turn the tap on; it then goes through the filter, which cleans it up before it comes out of the tap.

Why install inline water filters?

Inline water filters aren’t the only automated filtration system you can use. However, they have a lot of benefits over other systems.

It has no need for a second tap

Some people install a standalone filter tap close to their sink. This tap only dispenses filtered water. However, this solution doesn’t work for everyone.
If you’re short on space, then you may not have any room to install the tap and its underlying parts. You may simply prefer not to drill into your benchtop.
If you opt for an inline system, you don’t need a standalone tap. The whole system sits out of sight under your sink. You simply turn your current cold tap into one that dispenses filtered water all of the time.

It has better flow rates

Some filter systems, like separate taps, have disappointing water pressure and flow. Water doesn’t always come out of these taps quickly.
This isn’t a problem with an inline filter system. The cartridge isn’t dependent on a separate connection; it will have the same pressure requirements as your standard tap. It simply slots into your existing water pipe. So, taps run water at much more normal rates.

It fits in small spaces

If you don’t have a lot of room under your sink, you may think that you won’t be able to fit a water filter system in there. Some products, like reverse osmosis machines, take up some space.
Inline systems fit in around your pipe. They don’t take up much space and give you a flexible fit. You can fit them vertically or horizontally depending on your pipe’s configuration.

It requires easy filter changes

Inline filter cartridges last for months but, like any filtration system, they do need changing periodically. However, you can easily change these cartridges. Most simply unscrew, unclick, or pull off.
You can also choose from different types of filtration with many inline systems. For example, you can use basic filters that deal with most contaminants in water or high-performance products that filter out more particles. Specialist filters also deal with things like heavy sediment.
If you wish, you can switch to using a different kind of filter easily here at any point. You simply take out the current filter and put in a new type.
If you’re interested in installing an inline water filter in your kitchen, contact Andrew Vanny Plumbing. One of our Thornleigh plumber experts can take a look at your sink and recommend the most effective solution for you.


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