Andrew Vanny Plumbing Blog - COVID-19 can be spread through poop??

COVID-19 can be spread through poop??

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COVID19 Update from the team at Andrew Vanny Plumbing!

The new Corona virus COVID-19 (also known as SARS-CoV-2) which has now infected over a million people globally, is mainly spread through droplets. There is new research around by the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) that proves that COVID-19 can be spread through your waste. 

Two residents living in HongKong (the birthplace of Severe acute respiratory syndrome – SARS related to coronavirus) living 10 levels apart in an apartment building have both been diagnosed with COVID-19 giving concerns that the virus may be spread through your sewer systems.  

On February 11 officials evacuated and quarantined more than 100 residents of an apartment building in Hong Kong’s Tsing Yi area after a 62-year-old woman was diagnosed the second person in the building to catch COVID-19. She lived 10 floors below the first infected resident, raising the question of whether the virus could spread through the building infrastructure, such as through your sewer pipes. Officials also found an open pipe in the woman’s bathroom. 

How is this even possible, I initially asked my self?

 With COVID-19, tests have also found the virus present in patients’ stools, suggesting the virus may be able to spread through fecal contamination causing severe stomach issues such as Diarrhea.  

Here’s how it could happen and its actually much more like than you might have thought. Normally, every single pipe that is connected to the sewer has some type of “trap” straight after the fixture its self. This prevents the smells coming out from the sewer line. However, under some circumstances this water level can be sucked out or even just simply evaporate. With the bathroom door shut and the exhaust fan running, a negative pressure can be created in the room, causing aerosolized water droplets that might be contaminated to escape out of a pipe and get into the surrounding air, exposing anyone in the house or apartment building.  

One of the ways Andrew Vanny Plumbing can help is by putting a camera down your sewer making sure there is no blockage or defect with your pipe work causing the traps to be sucked out. For any sewer connection in your house that does not get used much at all, we can put a thin layer of cooking oil in the bottom to stop evaporation. We can have a look around your house making sure all your vents are connected CORRECTLY and the sewer fumes are getting away at the correct height.  

Please call plumber Turramurra Andrew Vanny Plumbing on 0480 009 605 is you have any questions, thoughts or if you would like us to come around to your house and supply you with quotes to diagnose and repair any issues you might have. 

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