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CCTV Sewer Line Inspection: What It Is and How It Benefits Your Property

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Identifying the cause of a plumbing issue can be very difficult if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. Your home’s plumbing system is much like a tree, with multiple pipes extending from the main sewer line to vital areas of your home. And if just one of those pipes suffers a blockage, the entire system could suffer. That’s where CCTV camera inspections come in.

How do CCTV sewer line inspections work?

When a blockage is clearly somewhere in your plumbing system, a CCTV camera inspection can act as a silent detective. To inspect a pipe with this CCTV technology, a plumber inserts a cable with a camera on the end into an access point. This camera then gives the plumber a 360-degree view of your pipes as it moves through your home’s plumbing.

How do CCTV sewer line inspections benefit you?

Because this technology is non-invasive, you and your property benefit in a number of useful and practical ways when using it to detect a plumbing issue.

Guarantees a blockage has been cleared

Once the high pressure water jetter or electric eel has been used to clear a blockage, the plumber on site can put the CCTV camera down to ensure the blockage has indeed been cleared completely. If the camera is not used, the plumber is unable to offer any sort of warranty on their work. They may think the blockage is cleared but may not have known there is an issue in a different spot of the pipework or even that the main blockage was not cleared completely causing the blockage to return sooner than you had thought. 

Spot potential problems early

As the CCTV camera moves through a plumbing system, the plumber is able to get a good look at the inside of the pipes. This allows them to spot any areas that could potentially become a problem in the future. For instance, if part of a pipe has begun to degrade from the inside, the CCTV camera will spot the issue.

If your plumber finds another issue while locating a blockage, they can prepare a report with some suggestions on how to approach the problem.

Identify plumbing issues quickly

A CCTV camera inspection is the fastest way to find a blockage in a pipe. Because the camera has a 360-degree view of the pipes, a plumber can quickly find and diagnose a blockage. This prevents the need for drawn-out detective work that might render plumbing unusable for several hours or more.

This is a useful benefit if you live in a busy household that relies heavily on well-functioning plumbing.

Provide a detailed overview of an existing problem

Once a plumber has located a blockage with a CCTV camera inspection, they then begin to put together a detailed report. The report will offer useful suggestions on how the issue can be dealt with along with the probable cost for the necessary work. Some companies even create a DVD with a video of the inspection that homeowners can watch.

Preserve your property and the surrounding environment

The ability to see the blockage directly means that the plumber doesn’t need to damage the environment to diagnose the cause of the blockage. The CCTV camera will let them see the blockage first and then determine whether they need to gain access to the pipe. In some cases, jet blasting may be necessary to remove the blockage. CCTV inspection can help to determine this.

Prevent the need for costly and possibly unnecessary plumbing work

If a plumber without the ability to inspect a pipe with a CCTV camera excavates your lawn or yard to gain access to the blocked pipe, the costs of fixing the issue will spiral upwards. But with a CCTV camera, a plumber can ensure that they choose the most practical and inexpensive approach to deal with the problem.

If your drains are badly blocked, don’t try to fix the problem yourself. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Australia has seen an  >increase in DIY disasters  across the country. Hire a professional to ensure the job is done effectively and safely.

A CCTV camera inspection is the most efficient and convenient way to find a blockage in your home’s plumbing system. If your drains are blocked, you need a plumber with CCTV camera technology to identify the issue. Contact a plumber in Turramurra Andrew Vanny Plumbing today and save $180 on your  CCTV camera inspection


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