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Bathroom Renovations? Hire A Plumber!

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Thinking of renovating or remodeling your bathroom

Since the early days of 2020, the whole world went into lockdown and has stayed home for the safety of everyone. Staying at home for a long period of time opens the eyes of its owners to the small details they didn’t notice when they only came home from long hours of work before COVID-19 happened. Some homeowners started to plant vegetables and fruits for sustainability and some focused on home improvements. 

The bathroom is a small part of the house but is one of the most visited areas that has gained the attention of homeowners. Small and big problems in the bathroom have become more noticeable hence the idea of bathroom renovations in households. Some homeowners just have enough time to work on these kinds of projects however, hiring a professional plumber instead of doing it by himself provides several advantages and benefits. Whatever the reason for your interest in bathroom renovation, we have listed down reasons why you should hire a professional plumber to work on your bathroom renovation project:   

  1. Professional Opinion

The thought of renovating or remodeling a bathroom seems fun but when you reach the actual planning stage, you will realize that there are a lot of things you have to consider so it is best to hire a professional plumber before doing any actual work on it. Your plumber can provide you options and help you pick the best one for your lifestyle and the functionality of your bathroom. 

If you already have an idea on what to put in your bathroom or how you would want it to look like, you can also consult your plumber if it is the best choice for you or how to achieve the aesthetics that you want while highly considering the functionality of the room.    

  1. Skills and Expertise

While DIYing a renovation or remodeling project of bathrooms can be exciting and a learning opportunity, it wouldn’t be easy for anyone who has little to no knowledge or experience in renovation projects. That is why hiring a plumber with years of experience and has the right skill set is the smart thing to do. You can still be hands-on with the project while letting the experts work their magic. By observing and doing little works, you would still gain knowledge and skills that may come in handy in the future for a DIY project that you can realistically do.

Two important things to look for when you are looking for a plumber around your area are first, their certification and license. It means that they have undergone training and that they are qualified to do plumbing works. The second is to look for reviews and recommendations about the plumbing company. This way you will know how they actually work from their previous projects and clients. 

  1. Safety Protocols and Proper Tools

Having the correct and proper tools in doing a bathroom renovation is a very important factor that you should consider before actually doing the renovation. If you don’t possess the tools needed for such a big project, it is best to hire a professional plumber to work on this renovation. It is because bathroom renovation doesn’t just involve beautification of the room but with changing of taps, toilets seats, and showers, it will involve reinstallation of a new plumbing system for the bathroom especially if you will be moving different water outlets. Plumbers will have to tear down the floors and walls to fully check on the old plumbing system and rearrange the pipes to follow the new layout of the bathroom. 

In addition to that, plumbing materials such as pipes and their connectors have special tools and machines to make them fit to your bathroom so knowledge in handling these dangerous tools and machines is a must to avoid accidents. Aside from the use of these tools and machinery, safety protocols in accordance to building codes in your city must be followed which your local plumber should be aware of. 

  1. Project Management

Generally, bathrooms are just a small part of the house but remodeling or renovating it is quite a complex and costly job. That is why hiring a professional plumber to do the job can make your life easier and you will be assured that they will do their job properly. Plumbers can also do project management for you by doing cost estimates and providing a timeline for the project. With their experience, they can easily do these jobs so you will not have to spend so much on wasted materials and time and worse, a back job if you do it yourself. Also, problems that may arise during the renovation process can easily be resolved if you have a professional plumber overseeing the project because, with their expertise, they for sure know already what to do in those cases. 

Generally, in Australia, a full bathroom renovation cost ranges from 18,000AUD to 20,000AUD. The cost of the course varies also depending on the location of the project for instance if you are living in a suburban area such as Thornleigh or Hornsby District, you might be able to find a more affordable plumber however, this average is already high and you don’t want to go overboard, do you? 

In any kind of renovation project, doing it by yourself can be more stressful and pressing than exciting when you start doing the work. That is why there are professional skilled workers out there such as plumbers who can do the difficult parts for you. Though the plumbers will do the dirty work, you can still oversee the project, make decisions, and choose which among the available taps, showerheads, toilet seats, bidet, sinks, or cupboards will fit what you have envisioned for your new bathroom. 

Before ending this article, remember to shop for the best plumber you can hire to do the bathroom renovations for you. A Bathroom isn’t interchangeable with a comfort room for nothing. That is why, you have to make sure that the plumber that you will hire has extensive experience in this kind of plumbing work, has the right licenses and certifications, and always looks for reviews and referrals from peers to back the plumber’s claims on how good they are at doing bathroom renovations. In the end, your bathroom should give you comfort and joy when you get inside it.
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