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Bathroom Renovation Tips and Ideas

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Bathroom renovation tips and ideas  abound here at Andrew Vanny Plumbing. A key component of any home is its bathroom. Like most of us, we want our bathroom to not only be clean and comfortable. But also functional, aesthetically pleasing and completed to Australian Standards. As  COVID forced us to stay home, more of us decided to have a refurbishment of our bathrooms. Since that time,  there has been a rise in bathroom renovations as a result of these newly found problems. If you are planning on renovating your bathrooms at home, keep reading to gain ideas on where to start and how to do it.

1. Bathroom Renovation Tips and Ideas –  Functionality

With each member of your household growing accustomed to the use of a certain bathroom issues can arise. Unexpected bathroom issues can disrupt daily family routines. This is why it is important when renovating your bathroom to ensure functionality is at the top of the list of priorities. 

There are aspects that must be considered when it comes to family dynamics and the overall use of the bathroom. Ask yourself, “Who is the family member that’ll use this specific bathroom the most?” You will be able to identify the most important changes that need to be considered. The second consideration is accessibility. This pertains to the level of ease to enter and exit the room . In addition it’s also the convenience of reaching storage, shower heads and taps. Ad well as the space to move around.

2. Aesthetically-pleasing

When renovating a bathroom it’s important to reflect on how to maximise space and maintain a feeling of openness. Bathroom sizes tend to be on the smaller end in comparison to the rest of the house. Therefore, it’s crucial to avoid making it feel even more so by overlooking this factor in its’ design. 

These days, a modern style is characterised by clean and sharp-looking edges. The use of neutral colours and the use of glass panels to divide the bath and toilet areas. This kind of design makes the bathroom appear bigger than it actually is. However, your style and taste may be something different . So you must consider this in relation to how you wish your bathroom to be designed.

3. Australian Waterproofing Standard


Its all very well to have bathroom renovation tips and ideas, for a bathing area. But how practical are they? For example a new waterfall shower in a unit may look fantastic, but its next to useless if its parts aren’t made properly. Are the installation and parts aren’t both watertight? According to the Australian Waterproofing Standard (AS 3740) this aspect is non-negotiable when it comes to bathroom renovations. Structural damages are the primary concern of any bathroom renovation. Incorrectly waterproofing any area can put you in hot water! You can find yourself with substantial damage to your walls, floors and ceiling as well as another hefty bathroom expense. That’s why it is important to get a  reputable and licensed plumber . Who has the experience and holds all the necessary licences needed to carry out the job properly.

4. Leave it to the licensed plumbers

Bathroom renovations can often seem exciting. Particularly if you’ve watched The Block, and have the perception of cost savings if you do it on your own. There is some truth to this approach. Although, the margin for error is also greater than if you were to hire a licensed plumber. Having a licensed plumber renovating your bathroom could save you a lot of heartache  and money, down the track.

The best way to be involved in the process without having to get down and dirty is to think ahead. Create vision boards of what you are planning for your bathroom to look like. For instance, you can open a Pinterest to refer to. Account and compile a variety of bathroom pegs depicting specifications and layouts that appeal to you . And that are functional. Then ask your plumber if they can do it the way you’ve envisioned. 

You can also visit shops to check out bathroom accessories and finishes to accompany this process. Ultimately, you are not overly involved with the actual building and installation. But you retain control over the design and expense of the renovation.

To ensure that your bathroom renovation will be finished beautifully and at par with government standards, call Andrew Vanny Plumbing now on  0480 009 605 and schedule your bathroom renovation with us! Our team of plumbers are all licensed and we are equipped with the right tools and experience to carry out the job efficiently and effectively. 

We are servicing the areas of Hornsby, Killara, Thornleigh, Wahroonga, and other neighbouring suburbs in New South Wales. 

You can also email us your queries at and we will respond as soon as we can.


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