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Myeloma Australia

Andrew Vanny Plumbing Services recently donated $18,000 to Myeloma Australia, a cancer charity with significant meaning for the Andrew Vanny team. Donations will continue to help with the outstanding work carried out by Myeloma Australia. 

As the exclusive not-for-profit entity in Australia focused on Myeloma, Myeloma Australia strives to provide comprehensive support for individuals living with this condition and their loved ones. 

Their objective is to offer up to date information, guidance, and a sense of empowerment through specialised myeloma nurses. 

All services are rendered free of charge to guarantee fair accessibility for everyone in need. They offer services such as: 

  • A telephone Support 

The toll-free Telephone Support Line is operated by expert Myeloma Support Nurses who have the latest information on Myeloma, its treatment, managing side effects, support services, and maintaining a good quality of life with Myeloma.

  • Support Nurses 

The specialist support nurses can help patients suffering from Myeloma 

  • Informational publications and fact sheets 

These publications help to provide valuable information for patients, carers and the wider community about Myeloma

  • Support Groups 

Providing a secure environment where members of the myeloma community can connect and gain insights from expert speakers on health management.

  • Seminars, video links and workshops

Valuable insights are gained via information sharing through various channels 

Andrew Vanny is proud to support Myeloma Australia and has a works van decorated with the logo to help raise awareness of this condition.

Women’s Shelter Projects

Andrew Vanny Plumbing Services believes in giving back to the community and supporting those who are vulnerable and in need of assistance.

In order to accommodate women who are at risk, certain organisations provide safe housing for women who may be victims of domestic violence or other circumstances. Andrew Vanny helps and supports these women who live in shelter accommodation to have a better quality of life while in crisis housing. 

Andrew Vanny does this by providing free plumbing services to projects run for this specific purpose. 

The Smith Family Program

Did you know that 3.3 million Australians, which accounts for 13.4% of the population, reside below the poverty line? There are 761,000 children, comprising 16.6% of the total. Children from financially disadvantaged families may struggle to keep up with their education, putting them at a higher risk of facing future hardships.

At Andrew Vanny, we believe every child should have the same opportunity to reach their full potential. The children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. So, how they grow and develop will affect our world for generations to come. We decided to address the educational disparity resulting from economic disadvantage. 

During our years working with the community, we have had the privilege of sponsoring many Smith Family children. We are proud and happy to watch these children grow in knowledge and confidence and overcome financial hardships that have previously held them back. 

Unisson Disability

Andrew Vanny Plumbing Services is proud to donate to Unisson Disability. Unisson Disability is a pioneering group committed to advocating for and assisting individuals living with disabilities. 

Unisson Disability helps those with disabilities to access and get the most from supported living environments. Unisson provides a diverse selection of home and living assistance, catering to various needs, such as individuals seeking their first independent home or those requiring more specialised living arrangements.

Supported employment ensures clients have the right tools and support to find employment. With this in mind, Unisson Works serves as a dedicated workspace, catering specifically to the needs of individuals with disabilities. 

Offering personalised guidance and support facilitates their professional growth, granting them the chance to earn an income, build social connections, and establish a profound sense of meaning in their work.

And their community services offer all sorts of possibilities for clients to interact. There is even an art studio, and all are welcome to express their creative talents. 

Mullets For Mental Health

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 75.1% of all suicides in 2017 were men. In addition, young tradesmen have a suicide rate that is three times higher than that of other men. 

When contemplating the connection between higher suicide rates and tradies, many highlight the demanding nature of tradies’ work. The long hours, often working in unfavourable weather conditions, create overwhelming pressure on them. 

As a result, they often experience burnout and detachment from their social circle, family, and personal well-being, leading to an imbalance between their professional and personal lives. .

The Australian Institute Of Health And Welfare notes that in terms of seeking help for mental health issues, men are significantly less inclined to do so compared to women. Only 27% of men reported using mental health services, while the figure for women was 41%.

As tradies ourselves, we wanted to help raise awareness of mental health issues among tradies, particularly men who don’t tend to seek help when they’re struggling. So we did some fundraising for Mullets For Mental Health.

We all had our hair mulleted and strutted around, looking like a pop group from the 1980’s. We had a lot of fun doing it and managed to raise $600 in the process.  


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