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8 Plumbing Tips To Save Water

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8 Plumbing Tips To Save Water

Water is essential for life on earth. Therefore, conserving our water supply is incredibly important and beneficial for various reasons. Firstly, saving water also means saving money. By practising water-saving, not only are you helping the environment, but you are also saving money on your water bill. This saved water can also go towards areas that need it more. Many parts of Australia, especially in agricultural areas, go through prolonged periods of drought and have a higher need for water. Not to mention the need for water in these areas during the bushfire season too. Therefore, conserving our water supply is incredibly beneficial for yourself, others and the planet. 

The team at Andrew Vanny Plumbing have listed down eight plumbing tips to save water.  

  1. Turn off taps or showerheads when not in use

One of the easiest ways to conserve water is to be extra mindful of our actions. Turning off taps or showerheads when not in use, like when we are brushing our teeth, washing our bodies or shampooing our hair, can help in saving water and lowering our water bills. Setting a timer for when you shower is also really helpful to ensure you don’t waste water for an extended period of time. 

  1. Check for water leaks

One of the main reasons for water wastage and higher water bills is homeowners’ negligence in checking for water leaks. This common plumbing issue can be avoided by regularly checking exposed plumbing fixtures such as taps, showerheads, and toilets for leaks or for loosened nuts and bolts that keep these fixtures intact. When there are loose fixtures, they can easily be put back on by using a screwdriver, wrench or by simply tightening it back up using your hands. Doing all this, is to prevent leaks from worsening and stop the continuous dripping of clean water.    

  1. Upgrade your toilet suites

Have you been using the same toilet for over 20 years already? Maybe it’s time to upgrade it to a newer one! Old toilet suites are highly susceptible to water leaks and blocking, which can cause water wastage and higher water bills. 

When choosing a newer toilet suite, it is best to get one with a “dual flush”. The mechanism works to have a half and full flush button, which can be pressed depending on what was put down the toilet. Make sure that it has at least a 4-star rating to ensure the quality of the toilet and water usage efficiency.  

  1. Replace old taps

The same with old toilet suites, old taps are prone to water leaks which is the number one culprit in wasting clean water. To ensure that your home will no longer encounter frequent water leaks from taps, it is best to replace them with newer ones. And when replaced, make sure to regularly check on these fixtures for any loosening parts to avoid water leaks. 

  1. Update appliances 

Now that everyone is becoming more conscious around water consumption, appliance companies are also doing their part in saving electricity and water by creating modern appliances that reduce water consumption. Some older appliances like washing machines and dishwashers are still consuming large amounts of water in every cycle. When buying replacements, always look for a seal of water efficiency, better known as the WELS scheme. Also make sure you only choose a washer that is the right size for you. Choosing one that is too big will mean you are constantly using more water than necessary.

  1. Install rainwater tanks

During the summer season, it can get quite hot and humid, so the water consumption of each household tends to get higher. Even so, an increase in water bills can be avoided by having a backup supply of water. To have a backup supply of water, it is best to get rainwater tanks. These collect water during the rainy seasons, and you can then use them during the summer when the country experiences hotter temperatures.  You can even get water tanks hooked up to different appliances, such as your washing machine, toilets and all garden taps. 

There is even a way we can connect your entire house to rainwater. Talk to us about how.

  1. Find the best spot for sprinklers

Do you have a large lawn or backyard? When installing sprinklers, you must find the best location for them to cover a wider area. While they shouldn’t regularly get used, you can still save a good amount of water and money if you place them in the most efficient location that maximises their watering area. A good way to endure you only water exactly what you want is to install a drip system. In your garden. This way you can water your garden with minimal evaporation.  

  1. Book regular plumbing maintenance

Lastly, the best and most effective way to save water is by having a regular maintenance checkup with a plumber. The plumbing maintenance service that most licensed plumbers offer can help detect and prevent plumbing issues like water leaks and burst pipes. They also keep your plumbing system in excellent condition and provide you with more water-saving tips and solutions to further care for the environment and save more money on bills.

The Andrew Vanny Plumbing team have been providing plumbing services to the residents of Hornsby and its surrounding suburbs for over 30 years. We offer a full range of plumbing services, from plumbing maintenance to installations and renovations of bathroom and kitchen areas. 

If you live in the areas of Berowra, Hornsby, Killara, Thornleigh, Wahroonga, and their neighbouring suburbs, give us a call on 0480 009 605, and we’ll be there in no time to check and fix your plumbing system.


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