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7 Signs You Have a Hidden Leak in Your Bathroom

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Your roof is one part of your home that needs maintenance at the end of summer. Unfortunately, the rain and any heavy winds have the potential to damage your roof. Plus, you want to address certain issues with your roof while the weather is still nice enough for roof maintenance. 

Remove Moss

Once moss spores end up on your roof, whether through the wind or via an animal, the moss will grow if you give it the right conditions.

Keep in mind that summer rain means excess moisture on your roof, which moss thrives well in. Plus, if you have trees that shade your roof, the dampness along with the lack of sun will create an ideal breeding ground for moss to grow on your roof. Moss will also grow on the side of your home that doesn’t receive as much sun. 

Moreover, mold receives its hydration through its leaves rather than its roots. Therefore, as the rain continues and your roof doesn’t receive sun, the moss will retain the moisture and continue to thrive. 

Unfortunately, if the moss grows in between your shingles, this plant growth may loosen and lift your shingles. Ultimately, when you have these gaps from the shingles lifting and loosening, you allow water to get the crevices and wreak havoc. 

In addition, moss enjoys moisture and will retain it every time it rains. As the moss continues to retain the moisture, mold and bacteria may arise. Your roof’s frame may decay over time as well.  

Trim Trees 

Summer is also a time to trim any trees that hang over your roof. First and foremost, when you trim your trees, you will allow more sunlight to reach your roof, which will prevent both mold and moss. 

Secondly, if you remove branches that dangle over your roof, you prevent them from rubbing against your roof and gradually taking away layers of your asphalt shingles. 

Additionally, when you trim trees that are near your roof, you’ll have fewer leaves that fall into your gutters or end up on your roof. Ultimately, when you stop these leaves, you prevent clogged gutters, roof deterioration, roof and gutter leaks, and mold growth.

Finally, if you trim the branches that hang over your roof, you may prevent a branch from damaging your roof if it falls during a storm. 

Inspect for Damage

At the end of summer, you also want to check to see if you have any loose or missing shingles. 

In addition, you want to make sure you check the flashings, which are the metal pieces around areas of your roof near the vent, chimney, and dormers. If any of the flashings have damage, they may allow the melting snow of winter to enter into the interior and damage your home’s infrastructure and possibly your interior walls. 

If you have metal roofing, you should look for rusting or pitting as well as open or loose seams.  

Get Mold Treatment 

Not only does summer promote moss growth, but the weather is also ideal for mold growth. Mold tends to grow on areas of your roof with shade. Unfortunately, if certain parts of your roof always have shade, the mold will remain. 

You want to address the problem because the mold can leave stains on your roof permanently if it remains. Mold has the potential to damage your roof if it remains there as well. Fortunately though, if you schedule a mold treatment, you may stop the mold and prevent any further damage. 

Mold, moss, trees, and normal wear and tear may take a toll on your roof. However, the end of summer is an ideal time to address these issues, especially before the colder months come. You may even want to consider a roofing company to complete an inspection of your roof. 

Schedule a routine maintenance inspection or a repair with Aspen Roofing, serving Colorado Springs, CO, and the nearby region, by contacting us today. For plumbing issues, contact Hornsby plumber Andrew Vanny Plumbing today.


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