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6 Tips On Taking Care Of Your Plumbing System

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Can you imagine running out of warm water while you are taking your nightly shower or your pipes suddenly burst while gardening? 

Those scenarios can be avoided if we take good care of our plumbing system; however, in reality, most households neglect their plumbing system until a major issue pops up and causes them an inconvenience. So to prevent these plumbing issues from happening, we’ve listed down six easy tips for taking good care of your plumbing system.

Absolutely no grease

Pouring grease down the drain is one of the worst offenses a person can commit against their plumbing system. Grease is a thickened oil which means that it will not mix with water properly, thus causing your sink to be clogged. This thickened oil may also trap food particles which can cause the clog to worsen.

Clean your pipes

As a homeowner, one thing that you should never neglect is cleaning your plumbing system. Cleaning your pipes will prevent clogging in the system so solid particles and liquids will be able to freely flow to the sewerage system. In keeping your drains clean you will also be combatting the foul smells that tend to linger around a dirty drain.

Flush what should only be flushed

Toilet systems are designed only for liquids, human waste, and toilet paper, so flushing things aside from those will almost always cause some damage to your plumbing system. Avoid flushing wet wipes, excessive amounts of toilet paper, and miscellaneous rubbish in order to prevent any blockages or damage. 

Lower Water Pressure

Avoid setting the pressure of water passing through the pipes and into the water outlets to a very high level. Find the right water pressure for your taps, showers, and other appliances that won’t damage the pipes and the appliances themselves. If the pressure is too high, it shortens the lifespan of the plumbing system, causes leaks, and worse bursts the pipes. 

Do not use chemical to remove clog

We know that it’s very tempting to use chemical-based solutions that “help” in removing blockages in a clogged drain or pipe but resist the urge and instead physically unclog your plumbing system or call your plumber if you don’t know what to. Unclogging solutions contain chemicals that cause corrosion which can be damaging to your plumbing system.

Regular Maintenance

Lastly, set up regular maintenance with your local plumber. This way, you can prevent any damage to your system by identifying potential problems before it actually starts. Your plumber should be able to tell you which parts are still in good condition and which parts need a little bit more care and how to properly resolve them. Always remember that the saying “Prevention is better than cure.” is not only applicable to your health but also to your plumbing system’s health. Regular maintenance of your hot water system is also recommended. You should get it serviced at least every 5 years.

Did this list help you know more about taking care of your plumbing system? We hope so! If you are in need of an experienced and trusted plumber around Upper North Shore and Hornsby District, contact plumber Berowra Andrew Vanny Plumbing, via phone call or contact form and we will make sure that your plumbing system is in tip-top condition.


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