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6 Noises That Could Indicate Serious Plumbing Issues

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Has your plumbing started to make strange and worrying sounds? Then pay attention. You could have a serious plumbing issue on your hands. The plumbing system in a home consists of an intricate network of pipes, fixtures, vents, and drains. When these parts work together as they should, this system works efficiently—and quietly in the background.
But if your plumbing system has begun to make unusual noises, this is usually an indication that something is wrong. If your plumbing is speaking to you in any of the following ways, call a plumber.

1. Hammering

On occasion, when you shut off a tap in your home, you may hear a banging noise reverberate through the walls or floor. This is due to the pressure change that comes from the sudden halt in water flow. Usually, you’ll hear this sound from time to time, especially if your children have a habit of abruptly turning taps on and off.

But if this banging is a regular occurrence, you have what is called a water hammer. Water hammers indicate that your water pressure might be too high. The banging noise is the sound of your pipes striking the walls. Eventually, the pipes could break or come loose, leading to a flood.

2. Gurgling

If your drains gurgle after you take a shower, there is probably a blockage somewhere in the sewer line. Sewer line blockages also cause bath and shower drain to gurgle when you flush your toilet. This problem needs attention soon; otherwise, the blockage could worsen and cause your toilet to back up.

3. Shaking and creaking

Do you hear an eerie creaking from time to time after using a sink or shower in your home? Then the problem might be loose pipe support components. A series of clamps, straps, and hangers help hold your pipes in place throughout your home. Creaking noises indicate that they might need tightening.

4. Squealing

The last thing you want to hear when you are alone in your bathroom or kitchen at night is a squealing, shrieking sound. But that’s what happens sometimes if the pressure-reducing valve wears out. The water coming into your home from the main then travels through that faulty valve and causes a disconcerting squealing sound.

5.  Humming

If your bathroom plumbing has started humming to you as you shower or go to the toilet, a plumber might need to change the washers in your taps or showerhead. Humming also indicates water pressure, namely that it is too high. You might need a plumber to install a water pressure reducer.

6. Running water

A sound that needs serious consideration is that of running water when your plumbing isn’t in use. Put simply, you should only hear the sound of running water after you have emptied a sink or just finished a shower, for instance. If you hear running water when your plumbing isn’t in use, you could have a leak. This needs a plumber’s attention immediately!

Your plumbing system is one of the most important parts of your home. If something goes wrong, a DIY approach could make the problem worse. And, in some cases, DIY plumbing is illegal in Australia.

With that in mind, if your plumbing makes one or more of the aforementioned noises or is in need of repair, call plumber berowra Andrew Vanny Plumbing. Our same-day service will quickly ensure that your plumbing once again does its job silently and safely so you and your family can use your kitchen and bathrooms in peace.


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