6 Major Signs You Have a Burst Pipe

Andrew Vanny

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A burst pipe is a significant issue in the plumbing system that property owners often have to deal with. The severity of burst pipes can range from minor leaks to flooding in the premises. You should be aware of the early signs of a burst pipe, as leaks will only get worse and, unfortunately, never better. Picking up on leaks will prevent any extensive damage from a burst pipe, as you can immediately call a plumber to fix it before the problem intensifies.

So here are the 6 major signs of a burst pipe that every homeowner should know about to prevent disastrous plumbing incidents.

  1. High water bill

Have you noticed that your water bill has significantly gone up this quarter compared to the previous quarter?

If you notice a your water bill amount increasing dramatically without your water usage increasing, then it is likely you have a burst pipe.

  1. Puddle build-up and watermarks

Another sign of a burst pipe is water appearing in places with no direct water outlet, such as taps, water hoses, sprinklers or showerheads. Water build-up below the sink, inside the kitchen, laundry or bathroom cupboards, or visible watermarks in the ceiling or the house walls are clear signs of a water leak coming from a burst pipe. Puddles forming in the yard or sodden grassy areas are also signs of a burst pipe.

  1. Growth of plant roots

f you have any trees on your property and want to check for a burst pipe, you can follow the growth of the trees’ roots. If there is a source of water somewhere beneath the ground, the tree will instinctively grow towards it to obtain water and stay alive.  In a lot of cases, the trees’ water source will be from a burst pipe, resulting in another common plumbing issue, a blocked drainpipe.

  1. Change of water pressure

Did you notice a change in the water pressure that is being released through different water outlets around the property? There are various reasons for this problem, but if most water outlets like taps, shower-heads, and sprinklers are affected, the reason is most likely a burst pipe connected to the water supply line.

  1. Weird Noise Around the House

If you notice weird noises coming out of nowhere, such as gurgling and wheezing noises, there is most likely a burst pipe somewhere in the property. These odd noises are caused by the water coming out of the pipe interacting with the surrounding puddle and air differently.

  1. Quality of Water

When the quality of water being supplied to water outlets has changed, it indicates that the pipe has corroded or is rusting. The changes that you might notice are the metallic smell or taste of the water, and discoloration. A rusting pipe is a sign that the pipe’s condition is worsening and could lead to a burst pipe at any time. A rusting hot water system can also contribute to a decrease in the quality of water.

This is a sign that all the things from previous points should be monitored from time to time, or replaced to prevent a more significant plumbing issue from occurring.

Are you noticing most or all of the signs listed above? Then it is time to call a licensed plumber to schedule an inspection for your plumbing system. If you are looking for a plumber who can service the areas of Berowra, Cherrybrook, Hornsby, Thornleigh, Wahroonga, and other neighboring suburbs in Sydney; you should contact Andrew Vanny Plumbing. We are one of the most experienced and trusted licensed plumbing companies in the area. You can contact us at 0480 009 605 or email us at info@andrewvannyplumbing.com.au to know more about our plumbing services and affordable rates!


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