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5 Maintenance Tips For Your Plumbing System

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There are different measures homeowners can take to ensure that the plumbing system in their house is functioning well. Without regular maintenance, you can end up with costly repair or replacement bills, extensive water damage, and other plumbing disasters. In addition to this, accidents caused by poorly maintained plumbing systems, such as slipping from a wet floor or scalding due to malfunctioning hot water systems, can also occur. The list below outlines five different ways to maintain the plumbing system at home to keep it in tip-top shape. 

Check your water pressure

A good level of water pressure is a critical sign that your plumbing system is in good shape. By ensuring it remains at a consistent level, with an ideal range of 300-500 KPA, your pipes will be able to function optimally and avoid the risk of damage caused by too high water pressure. When the pressure inside your pipes stays above a normal range, unexpected bursts and leaks can occur. The leaks present a severe risk, as when left unresolved can lead to even worse situations like water damage to your property or cases of mould. However, by regularly checking your water pressure, you too can avoid being left out of pocket and out of towels.

Avoid draining materials that clog

Blocked drainpipes and sinks are some of the most common issues that can affect your plumbing. These blockages often develop over time through a gradual build-up of solids, which you should never pour down the drain in the first place. However, knowing what kind of wastes can and can’t be poured down the drain can save the headache of it getting blocked. Generally, only liquids, things like cleaning water, can be drained into pipes. To properly dispose of solids in water, it is prudent to use a simple sink strainer to separate the wastewater and dispose of the solid materials in the bin to prevent clogging.

When these blockages build up, they can pose a health risk to you and your family just by breathing in the same air. When the waste begins to clog your pipes, nasty microorganisms like bacteria and fungi can grow and accumulate. If it continues, it can even trigger respiratory conditions such as asthma. By disposing of your wastewater correctly, you can ensure you and your family stay safe and healthy.

Be Cautious with Leaks

A leak is a common problem in the plumbing system, which can be fixed easily when detected quickly. However, this problem can also be avoided just as easily by regularly checking if the screws, bolts, nuts, and nails are still in place tightly like those that are connecting the pipes, sinks, and taps. If a small leak develops into a significant burst pipe, the supply of clean water at home may be interrupted, or it can cause extensive water damage to your home. Therefore, it is best to be observant of any minor leaks within the home and get them fixed as soon as you can. 

Check the Hot Water Tank Once In A While

The hot water system is an integral part of the plumbing system, but homeowners often neglect it. There are simple ways to keep the hot water system in good condition and the water in the tank clean. Firstly, you should check if the nuts and bolts are still tightly screwed in place especially those that are connecting the tank to the pipes and regulatory valves. Another thing you can do is drain the tank once in a while with the help of a professional plumber. This will ensure that there are no excess sediments at the bottom of the tank, which can change the quality of water that will go out of the taps, sprinklers, and showers.   

Schedule a maintenance inspection with a plumber

Lastly, the most effective way to have a well-maintained plumbing system is to schedule a maintenance inspection with a plumber at least every 12 months. Just as you would go to your GP if you’re unwell, your pipes need to be treated by a knowledgeable professional in the health of plumbing systems. By calling your local plumber and asking for a quick inspection, you can save yourself from the future expense of a broken pipe or a blocked drain and the stress that comes along with it.

While regular inspections should be once a year, it is best to have your pipes inspected with each seasonal change. Particularly in winter when our water pressure is highest, and the drop in temperature can pose an unexpected risk to your pipes. Just by having them checked and maintained, your supply of water will stay clean and continuous, and emergency, costly repairs will lessen.

If you happen to live in the suburban areas of Berowra, Cherrybrook, Hornsby, Pymble, Thornleigh, or Wahroonga and are looking for a master plumber, Andrew Vanny Plumbing is the one for you. For more than three decades, we have been one of the most trusted plumbing companies in the area and take pride in providing affordable yet quality plumbing services. To schedule a plumbing inspection and maintenance, give us a call at 0480 009 605 or email us at info@andrewvanyplumbing.com.au.


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