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4 Reasons to Install Wall-Mounted Bath Taps

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When you install a new bathroom, you spend some time thinking about taps. You don’t just have to choose a type and style here—a remodel is also the ideal time to change the placement of your taps.

If you’re stripping the room out and rebuilding it from scratch, then you can take the opportunity to tweak the way your bathroom works on a more structural level. For example, you could install wall-mounted taps over your bath and basin rather than sticking with taps that stand on each unit.

When are wall-mounted bathroom taps a good idea? Keep reading to find out.

1. You want a more striking look

First of all, we want to stress that this is just our opinion as a humble plumber in Turramurra, NSW. That said, we think they are great! In the past, you might not have seen wall-mounted taps in the home all that often. These fittings were typically used in commercial settings like hotels.

However, it’s now more common for people to use this option at home, especially if they want to create a more minimalist bathroom design. If you take taps off your bath and basin, then you create cleaner design lines. Your bath and basin won’t look cluttered by the taps; the taps themselves also become a luxury feature on the wall.

Bear in mind that wall-mounted taps can suit any kind of bathroom style. While many people opt for sleek and modern options, you can also use a more traditional design if you wish.

2. You’re short on space

If you’re renovating a smaller bathroom, then you need to use space wisely. For example, you might buy a smaller bath or basin to create a little more room.

While you might not think that traditional taps make a difference here, they do. If your taps mount directly on to your bath or basin, then they take up some space on the units. You can’t use this space for anything else. 

If you install taps on the wall, then you free up the part of a bath or basin rim that would normally hold the taps. You can use this space to store everyday essentials, like soap, shampoo and toothpaste.

As well as giving you a little extra storage room, wall-mounted taps also help make a small bathroom look bigger. Your bath and basin will have cleaner lines. They will look less cluttered if they don’t have taps on them. This creates an illusion of space.

3. You want a freestanding bath

If you want to put a freestanding bath in your bathroom, then your tap choices change. While you can buy these baths with taps set into one end or a side, you might not like these designs. For example, you might prefer the look of a slimmer rimless bath that doesn’t have space for tap attachments.

While some people use freestanding taps on the outside of the bath here, this won’t necessarily be the right solution for you. You might not like the way these taps look and you may not have space to put the tap unit next to the bath.

In this case, wall-mounted taps solve your problem. You simply mount them on the wall over the side or front of the bath.

4. You want easy cleaning solutions

Taps that sit on a bath or basin aren’t always easy to keep clean. You don’t always have the space to reach behind a tap to clean that area effectively. Dirt and scale deposits might stick to the backs and bottoms of the taps and the parts of the unit they sit on.

Wall-mounted taps are much easier to clean. They sit flush on the wall, so you have plenty of space to clean around them and no access issues.

For more advice on mounting taps on a bathroom wall, contact Thornleigh plumber Andrew Vanny Plumbing. We offer a full range of bathroom renovation services from design to installation.


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