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4 Reasons to Install a Toilet With a Concealed Cistern

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While traditional toilets suit many bathrooms, you might be looking for something different such as a concealed cistern toilet. Unlike regular toilets, these products tuck the suite’s working parts behind a wall. After installation, only the bowl is visible.

What are the benefits of installing a concealed cistern suite?

1. You want a modern design

If your current bathroom is getting old, then it might look dated. Your fixtures and fittings might look heavy and old-fashioned. They might be too ornate for your liking.

If you want to create a stylish and modern bathroom, then you need to find fixtures and fittings that fit this more contemporary style. A concealed cistern toilet works well in this kind of design, especially if you want a more minimalist look.

Here, most of the toilet suite, including the cistern, is hidden away behind a wall. You don’t have to worry about seeing unsightly pipes. The bowl becomes much more attractive when it stands alone.

You can also position the toilet differently to make more of a statement, say by mounting it on the wall. If you like less clutter and sleek, clean lines, then this could be the toilet for you.

2. You don’t have much space

If your bathroom is small, then you have to plan what goes in it carefully. For example, you might have to install a smaller bath and find ways to get storage in the room without taking up much space. This process isn’t always easy, especially if you’re renovating an ensuite or a tiny apartment bathroom.

Regular toilets can actually take up more space than you think. They need room for their cistern and around their base. Their pipework takes up space around your walls. Even a toilet with a compact bowl will have a bigger overall unit size.

A concealed cistern toilet has a smaller footprint. All of the cistern and its pipework sits behind a wall. The only part of the toilet that needs space in the bathroom is the bowl itself. Plus, if you install a wall-mounted bowl, then the area around the toilet looks more spacious —the toilet hangs over the floor rather than sitting on it.

3. You want a wall-mounted toilet

While some homeowners choose a concealed cistern because of design or space needs, you might also need to use this system to get the type of toilet you want. For example, you typically need a concealed cistern if you want to install a wall-mounted or back-to-wall bowl.

These toilets aren’t designed to work with a traditional cistern that sits in the open at the back of the bowl. Their minimalist look depends on the cistern and its fittings sitting behind the bowl in a wall or cavity space. So, if this is the type of toilet you want, you’ll need somewhere to hide the cistern away.

4. You want better hygiene control

Even if you clean your toilet regularly, it can be hard to keep some suites clean and free from germs. Standard toilets typically have small gaps all around them between the bowl, cistern, pipes and connections. If they sit tight against a wall, you might not be able to clean all around the suite.

Plus, the cistern itself attracts dust and germs if it sits out in the open. It can be hard to keep its flush buttons clean and free from bacteria.

A concealed cistern is more hygienic and easier to clean. Most of the suite is hidden out of harm’s way. All you have to clean is the bowl and the flush button on the wall. You eliminate cramped or inaccessible areas that can harbour dirt or bacteria.

To find out more about concealed cistern toilets and to check if this is the best option for your bathroom upgrade, contact Andrew Vanny Plumbing. As well as giving you advice, we can also help you plan and install your renovation.


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