Hot Water Repairs & Replacement for Hornsby


Hot water service repairs in Hornsby  & the North ShoreA heater after hot water repairs in HornsbyHot water heater explosion around Hornsby and the Upper North Shore


We can help you with repairs to hot water heaters. The photo above (courtesy of Channel 9 and PlumbersChoice) shows what could happen if you try to do it yourself.

If you have  a leaky valve or its come time to replace your hot water heater, don’t try doing it yourself, this is a job for a licensed plumber as they are qualified to work with pressure vessels & gas.

Another reason why a hot water heater may fail is because of rust. The sacrificial anode is the component that slows the tank from rusting. Timely replacement of the anode in your hot water tank can triple its life!


So, what is an anode?

An anode is an alloy rod suspended in the water inside the heater tank. Corrosion attacks the alloy before the steel walls of the tank. This is where the term “sacrificial” comes from.

In the photo you can see the Old anode on the Left. Note that the alloy is almost completely eroded away leaving the mild steel core. The replacement anode on the Right is yet to have the same fate. Better the Anode than your tank!

Anonde - an alloy rod from within the water heater tank


Tank corrosion is the main cause of hot water unit failure

The life expectancy of the originally installed anode is what determines the length of the manufacturer warranty. Therefore replacing the anode extends its life. Timely replacement of the anode in your hot water tank can triple its life!

Replacing the anode every 4 to 8 years ensures full corrosion protection is maintained.


Air Sourced Hot Water Heat Pumps

Quantum Eco Hot Water are Australia’s leading manufacturer of advanced renewable solar energy hot water heat pumps. ‘Solar’ hot water – with no roof panels!

With over 30 years of on-going product development, Quantum is able to confidently provide worry free operation and product reliability, whilst delivering many financial and environmental benefits along the way.

It’s award winning state of the art technology ensures faultless year round hot water supply in rain,
hail or shine! The unit is very simple to install and comes fully equipped with all controls, preset at
the factory and simply requires connection of water and power.


FAQS about Hot Water Services

Q. Will the system work during bad weather?
A. Quantum has been designed to work all year round without a booster element.

Q. Do Quantum Heaters require a booster?
A. No! Quantum has the ability to deliver 600 to 1,300 litres of hot water per day without boosting. With the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant being well below 0°C, it will vaporize in all weather conditions. By compressing that vapour Quantum will generate heat equivalent to a 3.6 kW booster during its heating cycle.

Q. What is the tank made of?
A. The tank is a mild steel with vitreous enamel lining.

Q. How long does the tank last?
A. Quantum’s tank is protected with a sacrificial anode, which should be changed every five years. Quantum eliminates the electrolytic action between a copper element and a mild steel tank by the removal of the booster. With a Quantum, the method of heating the water also does away with any hot spots associated with boosted units. The life of the tank should be approximately 12 to 15 years.

Q. What is the warranty on the Quantum unit?
A. There is a 5-year warranty on the water tank and integral condenser. A 2-year warranty covers the electrical & refrigeration components.

Q. Will I run out of hot water?
A. Quantum has the ability to deliver voluminous amounts of hot water. However it must be remembered that it is a storage system, and, if drained of hot water in a short period, it will need approximately 3 to 4 hours to recover.

Q. Does my roof need strengthening for the panels?
A. No!! With our Compact Air and Split Air models there are no panels involved at all!

Q. Does the refrigerant need topping up occasionally?
A. No!! Quantum is a sealed unit like a refrigerator and has silver soldered copper joints. This differs from, for instance, a car air-conditioning system with its hose connections and vibrations.

Q. Does the system freeze in winter?
A. No!! Quantum has completely eliminated the problem of freezing, that has plagued conventional solar systems, as no water filled panels are involved – in fact no panels at all !

Q. Does it over heat in summer?
A. No!! Quantum is thermostatically controlled to 60°C and cannot overheat.

Q. How long does it take to heat from cold to hot?
A. At an ambient temperature of 20°C Quantum will run 3 – 4 hours to raise the water to 60°C. From this it can be seen that the Quantum unit will use 3 – 4 kWh of energy for 270 litres of hot water.

Q. How does this compare with electric water heaters?
A. Off-peak water heaters will use 4.8 kWh x 4 hours for 270 litres, which works out to 19.2 kWh of energy for same amount of water.

Q. Are Quantum models affected by hail?
A. No the Compact Solar model, having no panels, is not effected at all.

Q. What is the payback period for a Quantum?
A. It depends on what the comparison is being made with, i.e. the type of heater, type of tariff, and the amount of hot water used. An average payback period for Quantum is about 3 – 5 years.

Q. Can the hot water tank go outside?
A. Yes! The unit has been designed to operate outside. The outer casing of the tank is zincalume based and ColorBond coated.

Q. How far can the Evaporator be away from the tank on a Split Air model?
A. We like the evaporator unit to be no more than 9 meters from the tank. A refrigeration pipe work run of up to 9 meters will allow the most efficient operation of the system as well as permitting the proper return of lubrication oil back to the compressor.

Q. How long will the unit last?
A. Quantum has been manufactured with great care and expertise. In fact Quantum has been made as the old refrigerators were made. The secret of good refrigeration practice is cleanliness and all precautions have been made to ensure that during manufacture and installation of a Quantum, good refrigeration practises are upheld – this is of vital importance. Normal life expectancy would be about 12 to 15 years.

Q. What sizes of tank are there?
A. There are 3 sizes: 150, 270 & 340 Litre.

Q. I live near the water, what effect does salt spray have?
A. As with anything made from metal, severe salt atmospheres can be detrimental. The evaporator has been specially treated to assist with this, however, careful positioning of the unit to avoid salt laden air as much as possible would be advisable.

Q. What effect does the unit have on the environment?
A. Quantum, by its wise use of electricity, assists greatly in combating the “greenhouse effect”, by using as little as one quarter of the energy required to heat water when compared to insertion element electric water heaters.

Q. Are panels attached to the roof?
A. No our Compact Air model does not have any panels involved at all !

Q. Can Quantum be used for other than domestic hot water?
A. Quantum has been adapted for any applications other than just domestic hot water supply. Other applications to date have been slab heating, pool heating, spa heating and glasshouse heating. Normally a different Quantum model would be used for these other applications.

Q. We use hot water mostly in the evening; will it recover by the morning?
A. Yes! Even on the coldest winter night Quantum will recover for early morning use.

Q. I have a flat roof; can a Quantum be installed without roof framework?
A. Yes! as the Quantum Compact Air has no panels, the type of roof does not matter.

Q. Where is the unit made?
A. Quantum is an Australian invention and has been further developed in Australia for over 20 years. Quantum manufacturing takes place in Suzhou, China.

Q. Are replacement parts readily available?
A. Yes! All parts are available in Australia.

Q. What if the tank goes, does it mean the whole unit needs to be replaced?
A. The compressor unit is built on a special chassis and fixed to the top of the unit. This can be detached from the existing tank and connected to a replacement tank if required.

Q. Why is a Heat Pump more efficient than electric or gas water heating?
A. Normal heating methods use energy such as electricity or gas to directly heat the water. This can never be greater than 100% (but more likely 60% – 98%) efficient. A heat pump only uses electrical energy to run the compressor, not to heat the water. The heat energy actually comes from the atmosphere. This allows an efficiency of up to 350% or more.

Q. How does taking energy from the atmosphere make it more efficient?
A. By using only a small amount of electrical energy to run the heat pump it can transfer 3 times this value, in heat energy from the atmosphere, into the water, giving an efficiency rating above 300% e.g. 1kW of electrical energy into the heat pump can transfer 3.6kW of heat energy into the water.

Q. Can the Compact model be installed inside?
A. The Compact is an air-sourced heat pump and requires an airflow of 430 litres per second during its heating cycle. This model is normally installed externally to provide adequate airflow. It is possible to install in a large area such as a double garage (120 cubic metres of volume). If other means, such as ducting, are used to expel the cold air being produced to another area, then it could be installed internally in a smaller room.